OTR.069 Stainless

OTR.069 Stainless

  • £4.70

The OTR.069 STAINLESS is filled with a unique blend of alcohol-based black ink and silver paint.


Each stroke is unique, depending on the surface and the controllable amount of ink in the felt tip-the OTR.069 writes sometimes in black, sometimes more in silver. Extraordinary effects are created when the writing ranges over various surfaces.


Shake well before the mixing balls are clearly audible. Pump the tip until it is filled with paint.




Pump Action Marker with Flow Control Valve

  •  Tip: 20 mm T-wide 
  •  Content: Ink & Paint 
  •  Color: Dirty Chrome


  •  alcohol-based
  •  super permanent
  •  highly opaque
  •  weatherproof
  •  for all purposes
  •  xylene-free
  •  refillable
  •  replaceable tip

  20 mm T-wide

  or 15 mm Broad Tip