Stylefile Magazine #39

Stylefile Magazine #39

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Stylefile #39: indigofile

We make blue! Just in time for summer, we dropped everything, to finish another update of the brightly colored graffiti scene. The Stylefile #39 – INDIGOfile offers all, that makes even more fun with spray than without. From grill-party on the Hall of Fame to the tunnelparty in the underground.

From Sweden to Cuba, we have compiled the most beautiful parts of the city and turned it into a 84-page booklet. In addition to walls, trains, and INDIGO sketches there are this time some specials with INKA, which also made the cover sketch, ​​B-MAN,
RAKE, NAKZ and a STYLEFILE VS. NILS MÜLLER double-page to discover. If that’s not summery enough, 1UP from Berlin tells us in an interview from there trips to Cuba, Thailand, Istanbul and Paris.

Overall, a blend that really suits any occasion, like an indigo blue jeans